WinDynamicDesktop Now Presents MacOS Ventura Wallpapers


WinDynamicDesktop Now Presents MacOS Ventura Wallpapers


Now, WinDynamicDesktop has the latest version that can be directly downloaded in its latest update, which has presented the WinDynamicDesktop 5.1 version. This latest update has an additional feature to apply Wallpapers from MacOs Ventura, Tuesday (30.08).

At first glance, for those of you who still don't know what WinDynamicDesktop is, in short, it is a program that works for Windows. The program will give access to Windows users to apply a wide variety of Wallpapers of the MacOS operating system. But not just regular Wallpapers, but by using the same features when setting Wallpapers on MacOS.

In previous versions, WinDynamicDesktop provided a large collection of Wallpapers for MacOS Sierra, High Sierra, to Mojave. However, for the latest ones such as MacOS Ventura, it has not yet been released. But, finally on this day it has been released along with the latest update that has been in the version WinDynamicDesktop 5.1.

Unlike the case with the previous version, WinDynamicDesktop presents Wallpapers from MacOS Ventura with further settings. Where it has been given access to be able to set the time to use wallpapers, now Windows users can change their Wallpapers using more MacOS Ventura.

In addition, in the WinDynamicDesktop 5.1 version it also provides many improvements to improve service performance when used. One of them is by adding a variety of abstract themes, to improve more stable performance.

Check out what improvements WinDynamicDesktop has made in this latest version, including:

  1. Add Ventura Wallpaper support in Windows 10 and 11.
  2. New feature "Hide system tray icon".
  3. Added translation existence.
  4. Fixed an error that caused the theme to be unenforceable.
  5. Fixed an error from a theme that failed to download.
  6. Fixed an incorrect theme error.

WinDynamicDesktop provides many improvements and feature additions that will certainly improve the performance of the previous version, quite interesting, right? For those of you WinDynamicDesktop users, you can immediately update the service to WinDynamicDesktop version 5.1.

Because WinDynamicDesktop is a third-party program and does not have a license for the Microsoft Store, you can directly update it through the official WinDynamicDesktop GitHub page.