10 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons that Must Be Owned


10 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons that Must Be Owned


One of the ways we can enjoy the internet is by accessing Google. Google is a search engine that can bring up all the information in the world freely.

To be able to access Google you must have a web browser. The best web browsers today that you can use are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  To make your web browser use more optimal, you can use add-ons available in Mozilla Firefox. Here are the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons that must be owned.

10 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

Add-On is a software extension that you can add to your web browser. This add-on can extend certain functions that exist in web browsers.
With this Firefox MOzilla Add-On, you can also add the latest items to the web browser interface, ad blockers, Google toolbar as well as website development tools.
Here are the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons that must be owned. Because this Add-On has tremendous benefits for your web browser. That way your work will be helped. 

1. VeePN

VeePN is a VPN Proxy service that can work quickly and has guaranteed internet security and privacy for all its users.
With this VPN extension for Firefox, you can unblock blocked streaming media, secure data, protect your device from hackers and spy and you can enjoy the full palette. So that the browsing experience can be established freely by using this VeePN.
FItur-Features of VeePN:
Don't miss the chance to enjoy complete Internet protection and try out one of the best VPNs on the market. Some of the main features in VeePN are:
  • Automatically configured
  • Cross-platform software
  • Connect with more than 2500 servers around the world
  • Very strict no logs policy
  • Excellent encryption protocol
  • User-friendly applications and clients
  • Can surf the internet privately safely and comfortably

2. LastPass Password Manager

This Add On can make it easier for users to maintain very important information so that it remains protected and safe. That way, you can access it whenever and wherever you are.  You can store all passwords, credit cards, addresses and so on in secure vaults and LastPass. So that the information column will be filled in automatically when needed.
It's time for you not to waste a lot of time because you have to fill in passwords or online writing forms. Because lastpass can simplify our daily tasks in keeping data safe.
LastPass Password Features:
  • Save usernames and passwords in LastPass so you can log in automatically
  • Fill out the form faster because it can store credit card numbers, addresses and so on.
  • Keep your insurance card, passport, and anything else you want to keep safely
  • All your data is available on various devices and can be unlocked for free
  • Data stored on one device will be able to be instantly synchronized throughout your other devices.
  • No need to worry anymore about forgetting your password and resetting your password with too long a process.

3. LightShot

LightShot is a tool that you can use to capture the screen in the selected area in the browser tab environment. To use it, you just need to click on the LightShot icon which is located between the position of the tools and the status, then select the area you want to capture the screen and click the Save or Upload to Server buttons.
When uploading it, you will directly get a link or link from the screenshot you just uploaded. Not only that, but you can also move the area appropriately and resize it in the browser tab without having to open other applications.
That way, the process will be very easy and simple. Editing screenshots is also very easy, as you can draw gatis, add text, and other editing functions. Your work will be greatly helped by this Add-On.
LightShot features:
  • Capture screens in certain sections only
  • Edit the screenshot with pen, arrow, line, rectangle, text, color and so on features
  • Save and upload screenshots easily
  • Capture screen more easily on a browser tab

4. Grammarly

Maybe some of you are already very familiar with this Add-On. One of the most popular Add-Ons by workers and students is Grammarly. How not, because with this Add-On you can write English online well according to grammar.
You will get comprehensive feedback on grammar, spelling, clarity, punctuation to writing style. Each of your sentences will be checked grammarly to make them perfect. Grammarly is also able to awaken your confidence in writing.
Grammarly features:
  • Check English grammar (Grammar Checker)
  • Check plagiarism (Plagiarism Checker
  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Tone detector that can change intonation in writing
  • Saved automatically
  • Can write English in accordance with good and correct grammar rules quickly.

5. Adblock Plus

The most popular ad blocker add-on in the world is Adblock Plus. You can browse the website without any annoying ads. Blocked ads such as pop up ads, video ads, banners and other ads. You can block malware as well as tracking.
These ads must often bother you while surfing the internet, right? Well, this Adblock Plus can help you get rid of it all. So that your experience of exploring the internet will be better and smoother.
Features of Adblock Plus:
  • Block video ads, banners, pop ups and so on
  • Block tracking and malware
  • Option to add add personal filters and whitelist websites
  • Adblocks ads are very easy to use and can surf smoothly on the internet

6. Tomato Clock

Often difficult to divide time? Maybe you really need this Add-On, namely Tomato Clock. Use this add-on to divide your work sessions into podomoro techniques. Namely with an interval of 25 minutes which is then separated by a short duration of rest.
Tomato Clock Features:
  • Set and adjust timings
  • Browser notifications
  • Statistical tracking
  • Can work more productively because the times are set at intervals of 25 minutes

7. Stylus

With Stylus, you can redesign your favorite websites as you wish. You can easily create, edit and manage your own CSS and apply it to the website you want. For a web developer, the Stylus extension is very useful to simplify the process of designing the appearance of a website without having to change the original code of the website itself.
Stylus features:
  • Creating, editing and managing custom CSS on a website becomes easier
  • Without fear of changing the original code of the website.
  • Design the appearance of the website as you like

8. Dark Reader

As an active computer user, usually the eyes will often be dehydrated or dry. This is because our eyes often see too bright colors from the monitor screen. Plus if we often use the computer at night.
So that the eyes are not too uncomfortable with a very bright screen display, you can use the Dark reader Add-On while working.
Dark Reader features:
  • Very easy-to-use read mode
  • The display will turn black
  • Not showing ads
  • Not sending user data anywhere
  • Eyes will not get tired and hurt easily when using a computer at night

9. Emoji

Emoji is a symbol in the form of a small image that we usually send in chat applications. With emojis, we can communicate more interestingly. Use this add-on if you frequently reply to messages with someone using a web browser.
Emoji Features:
  • Emojis are very complete
  • Supports black mode
  • Different types of skin tones available
  • Ui can we custom
  • Communicating can go interestingly and comfortably with the use of emojis

10. DownThemAll!

With this Add-On you can choose to sort, queue and run downloads faster. Over time, this Add-On developed its function, which is to be able to choose what links to download.
Features of DownThemAll!:
  • Assign names automatically
  • Provide a name for the sub-folder
  • Quick filters
  • Special reusable filters
  • Download smoothly and sort downloads more easily
Those are the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons that must be owned. Have you added it to your mozilla firefox browser? If not, it seems like now is the right time for you to add it to your web browser.