How to Download and Install Google Earth, Simple!


How to Download and Install Google Earth, Simple!


Are you looking for information about Google Earth? as far as I know, google earth has long been known as a very famous online globe program or virtual globe. Google earth maps the earth from the superimposition of images collected from satellite mapping, aerial photography and 3D GIS globes. With this Google Earth program we can easily find locations anywhere in the world, and mark them.

For those who have never downloaded or installed Google Earth, here's How to Download and Install Google Earth Pro from Learning Computer Science. Please take a good look at how to download to install until you can run Google Earth on your computer. To download Google Earth does not take long, but it is hugged by an internet connection that is fast enough to make the download smoother. A few steps to download Google Earth

  1. Download Google Earth
  2. Click Agree and Download
  3. Click Save File
  4. Double Click the GoogleEarthSetup.Exe file
  5. Click Run
  6. Click Yes
  7. Wait until the download process is complete

Furthermore, to find the location to be searched, just double click in a certain area in the virtual globe so that it can enlarge the appearance of the intended location. Enjoy Google Earth, you anytime to America, to Italy, Canada, France, the North and South Poles, to Australia and to all corners of the world for free and it only takes a few minutes, even seconds.

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