Google Messages E2EE Encryption Trial Early


Google Messages E2EE Encryption Trial Early


Google Messages has used RCS support to connect all its users from around the world, but this experience hasn't been finalized either. Google Messages still needs additional encryption for their platform, Monday (31/10).

Google seems to be serious enough to develop Google Messages, where they present a number of features such as in Apple's iMessage. They started providing RCS support, to make it easier for Google Messages users around the world to connect easily.

Google has also provided a very good security system, namely End-to-End encryption which is the same as the WhatsApp platform, they use the same encryption and are proven to be able to send messages securely.

This type of encryption is very important to use, especially for those who are sensitive to personal information or data. This encryption is also considered to be an effective security standard in sending messages, because it can only be opened by the recipient of the message.

Not quite there yet, it turns out that Google wants to expand the support of the Google Messages feature which presents the Group Chat feature. Of course, Google will have to do another test run with the security system in Google Messages.

Why is it different? Because the usual security system cannot be used in this feature, End-to-End does not apply to group messaging. Therefore, Google must use other encryption.

Today, Google is conducting an early trial in which the company has decided to use a type of E2EE encryption suitable for Group Chat features and RCS support. Some users may be able to experience this experiment right away.

If we look back, indeed Google has been providing this End-to-End encryption support for those Google Messages users since 2020. This feature has been released globally and has now been improved and improved.

By adding the Group Chat feature in Google Messages, Google needs another encryption, which if it still uses old encryption then it can be ascertained that it will be useless, Google Messages is not encrypted for the Group Chat feature.

Many Reddit users started to write their reviews because they got encryption support early thanks to trials, some Samsung and Pixel users have got it and just have to wait for the time before it is finally officially released.