Microsoft, Show Failed Outlook Sign-in Steps


Microsoft, Show Failed Outlook Sign-in Steps


Microsoft has received a number of reports from its users regarding the Microsoft Outlook service, some time ago there were many Outlook users who had problems logging in. Now, Microsoft gave a little leak about login access, Tuesday (01/11).

Microsoft is noted to have provided updates for those who always fail to login to the Microsoft Outlook service, although so it turns out that there are still a small percentage of Windows 11 users who still continue to fail.

Whether due to system issues or device support, obviously this is quite unsettling, especially for those who are always accessing the Outlook service. Well recently Microsoft has given a little leak regarding incoming access to Outlook.

Microsoft provides steps to take, when users cannot access their Outlook service. Users who are generally denied access are likely to receive an error message with the following message body:

"You can't log in here using a personal account, use a Work and School account." The body of the error message from Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook seems to refuse us to use a personal account, even though Outlook can also be freely accessed in addition to using a paid account. In the end Microsoft gave a little tip where to suggest that users could disable "Support Diagnostic".

Microsoft currently considers the cause of Outlook always delivering error messages to be a problem with their Support Diagnostic. As one of the ways that it is leaked, there can disable it by following these steps:

  • Access Regedit and go to this registry directory(HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0OutlookOptionsGeneral

  • Select the Registry Key "DisableSupportDiagnostic"
  • Change the Value to "1".
  • Save and Restart the PC.

After doing the Restart process, then the next step we need to make sure whether Outlook has been repaired correctly. You can connect the device to the internet connection again, then access the Outlook service and sign in using a personal account.

Until now, Microsoft has not provided a comprehensive fix to reports from users of this Outlook issue. However, of course Microsoft will provide their fix with weekly update support in the Insider Program before finally releasing in the Stable version.

What do you think? If you are one of the Outlook users and are getting the same problem, then you can follow the tips from Microsoft above.