Microsoft, will Release Windows 10 22H2 via ISO File?


Microsoft, will Release Windows 10 22H2 via ISO File?


Last August, Microsoft was rumored to be preparing for the release of Windows 10 22H2 which is planned to be released soon. However, this news was closed and Microsoft did not provide a related response. To this day, Microsoft is seen preparing for the release of Windows 10 22H2 via ISO File, Tuesday (04/10).

Reporting from Techbench, there is a big leak that seems to have been provided by Microsoft which is likely to start being announced. Where the release of Windows 10 22H2 will be announced soon, this started from one of the users who found the ISO File.

This ISO file is said to be one of the download processes of the Windows 10 22H2 system, which will be announced to the public. But, when accessed The ISO file is still empty and does not give any downloads at all.

This is noted as a matter of course, considering that some time ago Microsoft did the same when it released Windows 11 via ISO File. Windows users have guessed that the ISO file is specific to the release of Windows 10 22H2 because it says an ID code that says "Windows 10 22H2 IDE:2377" and "Windows 10 22H2 Home China IDE:2378".

On its website, Techbench provides a URL as below:

The URL will redirect us to the official Microsoft page, where there is an ISO File that allows us to download it. However, an error occurred that was not for the reason of not getting support, but rather an error because the ISO file accessed was empty.

"GatewayExceptionResponse" message written when trying to access the URL, if it departs to the previous case then most likely Microsoft has not released an ISO File from Windows 10 22H2.

The good news, at least by finding the news and URL provided directly by Microsoft, it indicates that the company has prepared for the release of Windows 10 22H2. Most likely Microsoft will release it evenly or General Availability Rollout.

According to some Windows users, it is possible that Microsoft will release Windows 10 22H2 this October. Adjacent to the release of the full features of Windows 11 2022 which will be released on October 10.

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