Latest Recuva Download 2022 (Special Features)


Latest Recuva Download 2022 (Special Features)


Recuva is a system software for the Windows Operating System that has the main function as a recovery system. It can be guessed that the main function of this software is to recover files that have been deleted and not found in the Recycle Bin, so special software is needed that has a function as Recovery.

Recuva has the main function of restoring system files as well as data in your Windows operating system that was deleted. The type of recovery is not limited to 1 type of file, but various, besides that it also supports the recovery process from external media such as digital cameras or MP3 Players.

In Recovery running mode, we can choose to use the usual scanning process (standard mode) or whole model (Deep Mode) which provides a more detailed checking function but with a longer time.

Features and Uses of Recuva

Here are some of the main features of Recuva software:

Recovery is the main feature of this Recuva software, because this from recovery is the process of restoring permanently deleted files. By using recovery from Recuva, it is ensured that the file or data can still be returned.

Recuva can be used to recover many types of system files, such as images, audio/music, document files such as DOCX, XLSX, RTF, TXT, videos and even emails, and many other file types that are not mentioned.

Then what is the chance that Recuva can restore deleted files? There are several factors that determine how much chance a file can be returned by Recuva. Here are listed some of them:

1. Overwrite with New Data

If you experience or do delete accidentally. We recommend that you do not perform activities related to write Data first to guard against unwanted things, such as physically deleting memory allocations on disk.

2. Perform the Recovery process directly

After knowing that there is a condition of loss of files or data. We recommend that you immediately do the recovery process using Recuva, if after the Scan process there is data that has not been seen, re-do the Recovery Scanning process using the 'Deep Scan' method to scan the deleted data. This option takes a long time, but the success rate is higher.

3. Save the Recovery results in a separate location

The point is, saving the recovered file is not on the same partition as the location of the data being recovered. If the lost data is located on drive C, then the storage location of the Recuva recovery results should be placed on a drive other than C, for example drive D, which is usually used to store Data.

Download the Latest Recuva

The existence of Recovery is needed in conditions where we delete files accidentally, due to certain conditions, whether deleted, corrupted, exposed to viruses, crashes, physical disk damage and other factors.

Well, this condition requires a special tool that is used to restore files that have been deleted in the system, and are no longer available in the Recycle Bin or Trash. Download the latest and free Recuva via the link below: