Latest ScreenHunter Download 2022 (Free Download)


Latest ScreenHunter Download 2022 (Free Download)

Ever used ScreenHunter? A software that is actually quite famous it has a function to capture screen for free. It is a useful software to record videos very easily.

Usually the people who use ScreenHunter are those who want to make tutorial videos. Maybe you are a YouTuber who often shares interesting content about certain tutorials. It will be difficult if you need two devices to record the process of making such tutorial videos.

Even though you can still use a more practical way, namely through the ScreenHunter software. With this software, you just need to install it on a Windows computer or laptop. After that you can immediately start the process of making video tutorials and this software will automatically record your activities on the device.

After the recording process is complete, you can edit it. There are several tools that you can use so that you can produce quality video recordings. Using ScreenHunter is also quite easy.

So it's not surprising that there are ScreenHunter users who are beginners and professionals. Do a random screen recording and see the results.

Features and Advantages of ScreenHunter

ScreenHunter has some interesting features like the following:

1. Record Screen Very Easily

The ease of using the software is certainly the first reason someone installs it. That's why ScreenHunter offers convenience for anyone who wants to capture or record computer screen. Just a few steps and the screen recording process will take place.

There is even a hotkey or hotkey available by pressing F6. The screen recording process will take place automatically.

2. Record Part or Whole Screen

Before the recording process starts, you will also be given the option to choose whether to record the screen in full or on a specific part only. There will be three options which are Full screen, Rectangular area, or Active window.

It remains only to choose one among the three options. Then the screen recording process is also according to the settings you specify.

3. Edit the Record

ScreenHunter not only makes it easy for you to capture screen views on PC or laptop. This software also allows you to edit the result before you actually save or share it. There are several simple tools that you can use. These various tools are already available for free. You can also insert sounds to make your video more interesting.

Download the Latest ScreenHunter

That's all the information about softwaer ScreenHunter. In conclusion, if you need the best software to capture screen then one of the options is ScreenHunter.

You can specify whether you want to capture the entire screen or on a specific part. Before saving it, you can also edit your screenshot. Download the latest and free ScreenHunter via the following link: