Media Control in Google Chrome Windows 11 Can Be Disabled


Media Control in Google Chrome Windows 11 Can Be Disabled


Google Chrome is the most popular browser which currently occupies as the most used browser in the world. Its popularity is certainly driven by the development of more flexible features, one of which is Media Control which is connected to the Notification Bar in Windows 11, Tuesday (27/12).

For those of you who may use browser services from Google Chrome, of course feel how easy the access you can use is. Especially for those who have used Google services such as Gmail, of course using Chrome will bring a much better experience.

In addition, Google is unmitigated about the development of Chrome as the number one browser in the world. the company has developed all of their services so that they can later be opened or accessed through Google Chrome. Therefore, it is not surprising that Google Chrome gets a lot of reliable feature support.

Both Google and Microsoft are working together to develop much better technology, especially for the Google Chrome service which currently has the support of additional features from Microsoft when playing media such as audio and video.

When Google Chrome users play videos from YouTube, for example, Windows 11 will automatically display a Media Control that is entered in the Action Center section of Windows 11, for more details you can see the image through the image below:

This emerging Media Control not only appears when accessing Google platforms such as YouTube, but also has an impact on all types of websites you visit. For example, when playing videos from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest it will display Media Control as long as it is accessed using Google Chrome.

It turns out that for those of you who are not comfortable this feature can be disabled, the method is also very easy and only needs to use the Google Chrome browser access itself. For that, follow these steps to disable Media Control in Windows 11.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the following URL: chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling.
  3. Paste it in the Address Bar.
  4. Change the Default option to Disabled in the Hardware Media Key Handling section, more details can follow the image below:

If you have followed some of the steps above, then you just need to restart the PC again. After that, you can try playing the video on YouTube or any site and Google Chrome will automatically not display the Media Control in the Action Center.