Windows 11 22H2 Begins To Be Offered By Microsoft via OOBE


Windows 11 22H2 Begins To Be Offered By Microsoft via OOBE


Microsoft seems to be starting to vigorously promote Windows 11 22H2 for its consumers, so that later users can migrate from Microsoft's old operating system to their latest version. Recently Microsoft again provided downloads via OOBE, Monday (05/12).

In recent months, Microsoft has been recorded aggressively providing promotions related to users of their latest operating system, Windows 11 22H2. Starting from suggesting that Windows 10 users can move to Windows 11 as the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Even so, there are many users who feel constrained when they try to move to the Windows 11 22H2 operating system, which is the problem of device specifications not matching Windows demands. As many already know that Windows 11 22H2 does require a higher demand for specifications.

Recently Microsoft has also started offering users to be able to use the Windows 11 22H2 system through a manual download of OOBE. Microsoft itself has provided support for those who want to use Windows 11 21H2, which can be officially downloaded through the company's website.

However, some reports from users began to report that they did not encounter the Windows 11 21H2 system when trying to search and download it. Instead, Microsoft offers to download the latest version which is Windows 11 22H2.

This is certainly not in accordance with what users want, considering that those who want to use Windows 11 21H2 are migrating from Windows 10 users because the Windows 11 21H2 version itself still provides support requests for lower and supportive device specifications.

More or less like the above display presented by Microsoft when users want to download the Out of box Experience or OOBE version of Windows 11 21H2. Microsoft seems to provide restrictions for Windows users who want to access and use older versions of Windows 11

Indeed, in recent months Microsoft has been aggressively giving their promotions regarding the advantages of the Windows 11 22H2 operating system that is starting to be used by most PCs released in the near future.

The interesting news is, Windows 11 users may soon get OOBE because it has become an old system and needs to be updated to the latest version. Those of you who are using Windows 11 OS Build versions 19041.630 and 190441.610 will get OOBE support over a long period of time.