Edge VPN Begins Incremental Release, Now on Edge Stable


Edge VPN Begins Incremental Release, Now on Edge Stable


Micosoft some time ago has indeed provided Experimental feature support for Microsoft Edge Canary users, one of which is the Edge VPN feature. Now Microsoft will expand this support for the Edge Chromium Stable version, Wednesday (22/02).

The experimental feature for Edge VPN has indeed been released for quite a while, where previously Microsoft had indeed provided this feature for those who use Edge on the basis of Insider Canary, Beta and Dev. Of course, with this, Microsoft has a lot of time to test their new features.

Until finally today, Edge Stable users started getting Edge VPN feature support. With this, it means that Microsoft has successfully developed the features of Edge VPN so that it can support running on the Stable version of Edge Chromium.

The Edge VPN feature began to be presented by Edge users version 110, but most likely because it is still in the Stable release stage, not all Edge users get this new feature. This feature itself does not need to be activated because it is already present by default in Edge Chromium.

Unlike the Insider version, where Microsoft supports a limit or Bandwidth Limit of up to 15GB/month, in the Stable version this will only be given up to 1GB/month. Too bad, isn't it? Hopefully, Microsoft will still provide support for larger data limits in the future.

Previously, when Microsoft released the Edge VPN feature in Insider Dev, the company's Canary and Beta did provide small support of only 1GB. Then through the discussion forum there are many users who feel that the Bandwidth Limit is too small, so to test the feature will be very limited, where users are not free to surf the internet using the Edge VPN feature.

Then through the next update, Microsoft again provides support for a larger Bandwidth Limit of 15GB/month. Of course, there are benefits, where as part of the trial process users get wider access to the Edge VPN feature with a longer duration of use.

What do you think? For those of you who have got this feature, you can immediately activate it through the Settings in Edge Chromium 110. Good luck!