Finally, Microsoft Increases Message Limit in Bing Chat


Finally, Microsoft Increases Message Limit in Bing Chat


Microsoft has finally updated the rules of the Bing Chat service, where users are now given a limit on the number of messages up to one more times. This message limit is now officially effective today, Tuesday (28/02).

Microsoft continues to develop Bing services powered by ChatGPT, where the company is also open about the cost of the care they provide for the development of Bing Chat. In fact, maintenance of the server and database itself costs up to 10x.

As if not wanting to upset its users, Microsoft has now updated their Bing service by maximizing the limits of Chat present on Bing. Previously, Microsoft limited this Chat by only providing up to 50 messages/day support, but now the company is again increasing the message limit to 100 messages/day in Bing Chat.

Regarding the addition of this message limit, it has been calculated that it has been done twice by Microsoft, where on February 21, they had added a limit of up to a total of 60 messages / day. Well today the company has again added an increase in the number of messages to a total of 100 messages / day.

The Bing Chat service has indeed become an attraction in itself since Microsoft first released ChatGPT technology for Bing which originated from the OpenAI collaboration. Further development does not feel like it is getting much attention from internet users, especially Bing users.

The reason is, Bing, which is powered by ChatGPT, is rumored to be a big competitor to Google Search. Google itself also seems to be quite cautious about the technology provided by Microsoft, because they will soon release Google Search powered by Bard.

Even so, Google's move was judged to be too fast which ended in a huge loss to the Bard project they worked on so far. So, the future for Bing powered by ChatGPT certainly gives a pretty clear picture.

Currently, Bing has gained their huge popularity since it debuted early last month. Microsoft even got up to a million Waiting List users from Bing ChatGPT which they had indeed opened a few days before launching Bing ChatGPT.

Therefore, if it is true according to our estimation, Microsoft will still provide support for messaging limits in Bing Chat with more support later. It is possible that the company will not give any restrictions at all.