Microsoft and Adobe, Bring PDF Header Feature to Edge


Microsoft and Adobe, Bring PDF Header Feature to Edge


Microsoft is now providing additional feature support for the Edge service, where they are now working with Adobe to improve the PDF Reader feature in Edge. This makes Edge get better support compared to other Chromium-based browsers, Friday (10/02).

Microsoft has long provided support for Edge services such as the PDF Reader feature, this allows users to get access to open PDF files easily and capable features. Edge has a number of interesting features like Comment, Highlight and others.

This gives many Edge users to be able to use their access better, of course, it also provides flexible access to open PDF files better, because the format support is adapted to various documents.

Microsoft has made an announcement, that they have collaborated with Adobe to improve the features of PDF Reader. In March 2023, the company will provide an update to improve their features, Microsoft Edge will later run Adobe Acrobat PDF Engine which will provide improvements to the PDF Reader feature.

Interestingly, Microsoft not only provides this feature enhancement for Windows 11 users but also those who use Windows 10. Some of the features that were leaked were the support of features such as PDF conversion to better Editing features.

The PDF editing feature will later provide much more flexible access, although Microsoft does not provide information about what are the advantages of the PDF Editing feature, but it seems that Microsoft will provide access to change the text content of PDF documents through Microsoft Edge.

If it is true, then Edge will get a Powerful feature that provides more flexible access to change the contents of PDF documents without the need to change the file format. It's interesting, isn't it?

This improvement provided by Microsoft certainly has a better impact, especially those who work with digital documents such as PDFs every day. PDF itself is a commonly used format, besides this format is even capable of being read by all Windows systems.

What do you think? Just having to wait for the time for the release, Microsoft said that they will release the Edge update in March.