Microsoft Discontinues Windows 10 License, Officially Expires Today!


Microsoft Discontinues Windows 10 License, Officially Expires Today!


Microsoft has recently made an announcement that it will stop selling Windows 10 licenses, where the company will start switching them to Windows 11. Now is the last day Microsoft gave the official license of Windows 10, Wednesday (01/02).

The year 2023 will make Microsoft innovate through the development of the operating system they use, there are many rumors that say that Microsoft will soon release support for Moment 2 from Windows 11, until the release of Windows 11 23H2.

Now we will discuss about the Windows 10 license, which as promised by Microsoft that today is the last day they give the official license of Windows 10. From tomorrow the company will switch the total download of Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Reporting from the official Microsoft page, where they will stop the official license of Windows 10 starting January 31, 2023 which passed yesterday. So it is certain that we can no longer get an official license from the installation of the Windows 10 operating system.

Regarding this redirect, in fact Microsoft has done a redirection of the download of the Windows 10 license to Windows 11 even before the deadline for this license expires. Therefore, when users download Windows 10 through the following official Microsoft page, users will only get access to Windows 11.

What about going forward? Windows 10 has long received support from Microsoft, but it is only limited to security system support. So it will likely have the same fate as Windows 8.1 when Microsoft is ready to release Windows 12.

But for use in the next few months, Windows 10 still provides reliable support. Windows 10 will still get Security Update support until October 14, 2023.

So that Windows 10 will still get the latest security system from Microsoft, the company will still provide system support to avoid the danger of malicious virus threats. Extended Security for Windows 10 may also be released and will be valid for the next few years, of course users will be subject to payment.