Microsoft Fix Spam Filter not Working in Outlook


Microsoft Fix Spam Filter not Working in Outlook


Microsoft recently received many reports related to spam received by many Outlook service users, today Microsoft officially fixed the spam issue problem for all Outlook service users, Wednesday (22/02).

Outlook users some time ago had reported that they received more than 10 spam messages that appeared in Outlook or emails they accessed. Users also report that they receive random messages whose content leads to fraud.

Reporting via The Verge, this problem is caused by the filter feature in Outlook which is experiencing an interruption, starting on February 20, the total number of users who get similar problems is also increasing where the Outlook service cannot use the spam filter feature they have.

This problem has been widely reported by Microsoft Outlook users through the company's official forums, where the average person does blame the spam filter feature in Outlook which is considered not working properly. Not only through forums, users also share their criticisms through social media platforms such as Twitter.

As if to understand and act quickly, Microsoft finally moved quickly to provide a fix for the problem that made users distracted and rishi. Today, Microsoft has provided live repair support, via their official Twitter account saying that it should be that the spam filter feature should now work well.

Speculation currently says that this problem is caused by the Outlook system not providing a working spam filter feature, because Microsoft itself although it has provided a fix also does not provide a more complete explanation of why this problem can occur.

Microsoft also added that if Outlook users are still getting the same problem and have not been able to enjoy the spam filter feature, then they can directly contact their service. The company said it can directly contact directly via DM or Direct Message on the official Twitter account.

It's fortunate that Microsoft directly provided faster action, don't you think? Now if you have a response or experience a similar problem, you can immediately write it through the comments if you find a similar problem with the spam feature that can't work.