New Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1 Released, Presents a Number of Improvements


New Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1 Released, Presents a Number of Improvements


Mozilla Firefox has now officially released the latest update for all its users, through this Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1 update they provide support for improvements to the Font Rendering Bug which was previously reported to be problematic, Thursday (02/02).

The latest news from the Mozilla browser service which now provides the latest version support with the presence of the Mozilla Firefox 109.0.1 version, of course there are several improvements provided by browser development, one of which is for improvements to the Font Rendering Bug feature which had experienced problems for Windows users.

Regarding the impact of the bug, Windows users will most likely get a nuisance that is writing from text that is reversed during browsing the internet using Mozilla Firefox. This is caused by some pretty poor rendering processes through a number of configurations, more information you can see through the following link.

Mozilla not only provides one type of fix, through their official page they say that it has provided fixes for a number of authentication request issues that reportedly did not appear, in addition to problems such as checkboxes in the Developer Tool that do not display a consistent appearance have also been fixed.

Reporting from Bugzilla, some users find this problem caused by the introduction of GammaLevel, to several other problems which are only felt by those Windows users. Several similar issues are said to have been present in Microsoft Edge, but Microsoft has provided related fixes.

“I’m not really sure what’s the right thing to do here. I can confirm that when I use the ClearType Tuner to adjust text rendering on my system, it never seems to touch the GammaLevel values under the HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics\DISPLAYn paths, but does change the Control Panel\Desktop value for FontSmoothingGamma. So to respect the CTTuner’s settings, it seems like we’d have to use the Control Panel\Desktop value. Yet the CTTuner does modify other values under Avalon.Graphics\DISPLAY, so it seems weird that we’d be expected to read some parameters from each of these quite different locations.” Tulis salah satu pengguna Mozilla.

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