Windows 11 Insider Dev 25300 Presents Keyboard Layout Feature


Windows 11 Insider Dev 25300 Presents Keyboard Layout Feature


Microsoft last week did provide weekly updates for Insider Program users, for which the Insider Dev version gets more feature support. It turns out that there is a new feature which is presented by Microsoft.

Yesterday's Insider Dev Channel update did bring a lot of feature support, where one of them is the new Snap Layout feature in Windows 11, as well as the System Tray feature which now presents a seconds display. No less interesting, Windows 11 systems are also given the ability to create VD or Virtual Disk through the Settings page.

This one feature may indeed get less spotlight, where there is a Keyboard Shortcut or Default Keybout Layout feature which is now available on the Settings page. However, this feature is not present automatically through updates but rather must be enabled through ViveTool.

The image above shows that Insider Dev 25300 users can now easily add a Keyboard Layout by accessing it via the Settings page. Therefore, with this, the settings accessed previously through the Control Panel are now unnecessary, because access is much easier through the Settings page.

This feature is indeed only present in Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel Build 25300, where it is likely that Microsoft is indeed expanding the same features in other versions such as Beta Channel and also Windows 11 Stable.

For those of you Windows 11 Insider Dev users, if you want to use this feature, you can immediately activate it through ViveTool, more fully see the steps below:

  1. Open a Command Prompt.
  2. Run as Administrator.
  3. Enter this command; vivetool/enable/en:34912776.
  4. Then close.

After that, you can access this Keyboard Layout access in Settings, Time & Language then select Keyboard, later it will appear as shown below:

Easier access to access this Keyboard Layout has been given by Microsoft, where after being activated via ViveTool then you just need to press the combination Win + Spacebar which will then switch between Layouts.

What do you think? Pretty interesting isn't it? Surely Microsoft will release this feature in all versions of Windows they develop.