Microsoft Edge Gets New Rival, Safari from Apple


Microsoft Edge Gets New Rival, Safari from Apple


The battle to develop and get many browser users is now continuing, Edge from Microsoft finally got a new rival which came from Apple's product, namely the Safari browser which almost slit Edge as the browser with the most users, Friday (03/03).

Browser being one of the most widely used services, browser development has indeed been widely developed by various companies to provide a surfing experience on the internet with the convenience of unlimited access. Of course, it is a necessity for those who always surf the internet.

Over the years Google's Chrome became the browser with the most users, beating out a wide variety of senior browsers that had already existed such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Microsoft is still trying to improve Edge users as a browser service that has always been one level below Chrome, if based on the data released by StatCounter we can see how Chrome became the Superpower with the most users.

Recently, StatCounter has released their latest update for the February 2023 calculation. According to the data they released, Google Chrome once again ranked first by managing to collect up to 66.12% of the total users.

Then in the second position, there is Edge from Microsoft which gets a figure of up to 10.84%, this point seems to decrease to 0.24% from the previous data gain. This declining data seems to be bringing new competitors to Edge, because there is Safari from Apple Inc. which is getting an increase in users.

Apple Inc's Safari is now seeing a surge in users by getting an increase of up to 0.83% with a total gain of up to 10.14% which will slightly overtake Edge from Microsoft. With this, it is possible that Safari from Apple will slip Edge and occupy the second position as the browser service with the most users.

Safari's performance compares better in the Mobile App version of the browser, where Safari has managed to rank second as the most popular browser under Google's Chrome. Unfortunately, Edge doesn't make it into these top five and it seems to be less popular than Chrome and Safari for the Mobile App Browser version.

The top five most widely used Mobile Apps browsers have now been released, counting data closed since February and Edge did not enter into it. The following is calculation data from Mobile Apps and Desktop users that will display the following positions:

  • Google Chrome – 65.74% (+0.31)
  • Apple Safari – 18.86% (+0.17)
  • Microsoft Edge – 4.27% (-0.19)
  • Mozilla Firefox – 2.92% (-0.09)
  • Samsung Internet – 2.6% (-0.01)

With this, it can be concluded that Microsoft's Edge must finally be willing to drop down the rankings from second to third, beaten by Safari from Apple Inc.