Microsoft Finally Fixes Copying Bug in Windows 11 22H2


Microsoft Finally Fixes Copying Bug in Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft after a long time finally improved the feature that was previously reported by users that there was a decrease in performance, namely through the Copy Files feature in the Windows 11 system. Finally they fixed this feature in the latest version which is Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2, Monday (13/03).

Development continues, now we get the improvements that Windows 11 users have been complaining about. Previously there were many who gave reports that the Copy Files feature in Windows 11 systems experienced a decrease in performance, where this feature was very slow when copying any file on the Windows 11 system.

Finally after a long time of not getting the spotlight from Microsoft, the company provided repair support through yesterday's Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 update. This information is not so highlighted because the company does not highlight this one improvement and highlights more new features.

"Copying big files has been a painful experience for some users after Windows 11 2022 Update. Some reports claim file copying can take up to twice the length of time as usual."

Ned Pyle as Microsoft Principal Program Manager confirmed through a note he shared, that the company will provide a fix released for Windows 11 stable users, where the final Windows 11 22H2 will come with improvements to the Copy Files feature which is proven to be present in Windows 11 Moment 2.

"The final fix for Windows 11 22H2 production computer will come in a normal monthly Cumulative Update through Windows Update once validated in Insider builds." He wrote.

He also added that the company has actually been running this program since December 2022 yesterday, which was given for 100 selected devices in Windows 11 22H2. They also found that performance decreased when copying files or data.

"We ran into this problem in December when we upgraded our 100 devices to Windows 11 22H2. The files were taking a lot longer to copy over than they should. We noticed some file transfers were almost twice slower. Our users confirmed this is no longer the case after the KB5022913 update." He continued.

Meanwhile, this fix has been presented by Microsoft through Windows Patch Tuesday which was released this March.