Microsoft Hasn't Fixed WinAppSDK Bug in File Explorer


Microsoft Hasn't Fixed WinAppSDK Bug in File Explorer


Microsoft plans to present WinAppSDK to become a new component in Explorer, but presumably the company is still getting a number of problems such as Buggy which is still present in WinAppSDK, Sunday (05/03).

Microsoft itself has a definite plan which will replace the component in Explorer into WinAppSDK which will replace most of its components, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with what WinAppSDK is then we know it better as WinUI.

To make it easier to understand, Microsoft will change the components from WinUI 2 to the version of WinUI 3 that will run in Explorer.exe with a wide variety of displays that of course bring much more interesting interface changes.

Of course, with the presence of this WinAppSDK version, the company will provide more additional features that will be released, one of which is a feature called Gallery which will be present in Explorer or File Explorer.

Microsoft itself is currently still hampered by this feature, which is still testing in the Preview version and is still in the first testing stage. Of course, Windows 11 Preview users get a little slower performance, where Explorer runs with decreased performance.

Even if you notice, the animation that appears in Windows 11 WinUI 3 itself looks less so responsive because it displays slower animations, whereas this looks faster when accessing it using WinUI 2.

Some short snippets of the video above have shown the slowing performance of File Explorer, where the Context Menu that appears does not appear immediately when the cursor is hovered over the icon. While in WinUI 2 this display quickly appears along with the existing animations.

This is only natural, because the company has not officially released this WinAppSDK and is still going through the development stage. For those who use Windows 11 Preview, then at least they have to be a little patient during this trial period, most likely Microsoft will still continue to develop to bring more mature performance in the future.

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