Microsoft Store Awards 2023 Officially Opened, Let's Register!


Microsoft Store Awards 2023 Officially Opened, Let's Register!

Since 2022, the well-known company Microsoft has opened a competition for the best applications according to certain categories. The company is now opening a new stage in 2023 with official Microsoft Store Award registration opening starting today, Friday (17/03).

The best application development event, the Microsoft Store Awards is now open. For those of you who work as a developer who develops applications or even large companies that are famous for their popular applications, you can now try registering applications at this event from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Store Awards 2023 will be a competition for the best applications according to categories, so later each application category such as Games, Productivity, Learning and others will compete with each other for who is the best application and get a positive response from its users.

For those of you who want to register, as usual, the company also releases what requirements must be complied with by each company / developer, here is the list:

Availability: The app is available through the Microsoft Store and is available in one region until the end of March 2023.
Compatibility: Apps must support in Windows 10 and not just in Windows 10.
Quality: The app has at least a rating of up to 3.5 Stars and a minimum of 50 filled-in ratings.
No abandonware: Apps should get at least 12 months of updates.
For the categories they released, as usual, it is still the same as the previous year, namely three main categories available such as Open Platform, File Management and Utility. Of course, every winner will get a very good spotlight in the eyes of users or the public, this event is an event that gets enough attention.

Since 2022, although it has not been even one year, this event is quite promising because it is carried out by the world-renowned company Microsoft. Of course, the competition will be even tougher, considering that currently there are many large companies such as Meta, Google and small developers who release their applications on the Microsoft Store.

But of course there is nothing wrong with participating in this activity and hoping to win the competition, right? Especially if you have indeed met the requirements earlier. Now if you are ready, you can immediately register via the following official link.