ChatGPT Now Available in Microsoft SwiftKey for Android


ChatGPT Now Available in Microsoft SwiftKey for Android

SwiftKey has now announced that they are implementing the ChatGPT feature in the SwiftKey beta version, where they are testing it to users and will most likely be released as a default feature in the next few weeks, Friday (07/04).

ChatGPT is currently popular, since Microsoft integrated this technology with Bing Chat now ChatGPT has also begun to be modified to be provided to several other services. After Microsoft has maximized their services with ChaGPT, other companies have also flocked to carry similar technology.

SwiftKey, for example, through an announcement they shared, the company said that they are testing ChatGPT technology to SwiftKey. It's currently available in beta, so maybe you as a SwiftKey user will get this feature.

"Available now in beta, SwiftKey now includes support for Bing's ChatGPT AI, powered by GPT-4. The feature is 'slowly rolling out' according to Microsoft's Pedram Rezaei, though we were able to access it immediately when downloading the SwiftKey beta from the Play Store. This is only available on Android, though, with no word on when it might arrive on iOS (which removed, then brought back its app last year)." Quoted from 9to5Google.

Apparently, the presence of ChatGPT in SwiftKey will give faster access to search by typing keywords. Given that the SwiftKey service itself is a digital keyboard that is present on Android, so it is likely that Android users can enjoy Bing Chat services more simply.

On the Chat Tab, later the user will be directed to the Bing Chat service which will automatically open the browser used. If you are registered to the Bing Chat Waiting List, then you can immediately test Bing. However, we have not received information about those who do not register for the Waiting List.

"It's not clear when these features will make their way to the stable release of SwiftKey for Android, but they do really show how much Microsoft is pushing AI, and it's quite fun, really."

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