Cloud PC, Support 3rd Party Providers Besides Microsoft 365?


Cloud PC, Support 3rd Party Providers Besides Microsoft 365?

Microsoft, which in recent years has indeed announced that they are developing the latest service, namely Windows 11 Cloud PC, rumors say that it does not have to use Microsoft 365 from system requests later.

In recent months, we've heard a lot of issues from the Windows 11 Coud PC service that Microsoft seems to be brutally promoting. None other than because of the convenience they offer, this access according to the information we get will be accessed using Microsoft 365 and become part of it.

However, according to the latest rumors, the Cloud PC will later be given the support of Third Party providers or third parties to be able to run it on other systems and do not have to fixate on Microsoft 365. This change is more like the current Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

On Xbox Cloud Gaming users get much faster and easier access on Windows 10 and Windows 11 to be able to connect to the system and perform Steam OS from any device, both in Windows 10 and 11 versions. So, if it is true then at least Windows 11 Cloud PC will also be accessible using any device, don't you think?

Through the video above, Microsoft explained that because Cloud PCs are given access to Third Parties, everyone can access Cloud PCs on systems that are still running on Virtual Machines outside the infrastructure created by Microsoft itself.

The details we get are still in the form of mere rumors, Microsoft seems to still be giving many surprises from this service which rumors say will be the company's future service. Just imagine, you can access all the features developed through this Cloud PC without the need to use a PC with high specifications.

This case may be able to reflect on the current era, where there are many Windows 11 users who complain about the demand for specifications from the system that is considered too high. But with the presence of Windows 11 Cloud PC later, we can access the system and advantages of Windows 11 even just by using a Virtual Machine in Windows 10.