HOT! Google Chrome can also try Bing Chat, you know!


HOT! Google Chrome can also try Bing Chat, you know!

Bing Chat users previously had to register through the Waiting List which they held since February 2023, where later users must use access from Microsoft Edge Chromium to be able to use Bing Chat.

The day before its launch, Microsoft has indeed opened the Waiting List period given by the company to all Bing users who want to try, where later users will get an email that allows them to be able to try Bing Chat. However, users are required to use Microsoft Edge to try Bing Chat.

But what if you don't want to use Microsoft Edge? Can I still use and test features from Bing Chat? Of course you can, where every user will get a feature to be able to change the User Agent of the browser they are using, including Chrome.

For that, here are some ways you can do to use Bing Chat services without the need to use Edge and only use Chrome from Google. Find out more.

    1. You must be registered to the Waiting List to try Bing Chat.

    2. On the page above, right-click on select Inspect

    3. Follow the image instructions below:

    4. Uncheck the Use Browser Default section.

    5. Then select Edge.
    6. After following all the instructions, the last step you just need to Restart the Browser.

When finished, later you only need to use access from Bing Chat as usual which can be seen as shown below:

But if for example you fail to run Bing Chat in Chrome, then there seems to be something wrong that you did not have time to follow through the instructions we gave above. Try to repeat some of the steps above, especially from the first step to the fourth step.

How? Of course, it's interesting because now Bing Chat users no longer need to use Microsoft's default browser access, Microsoft Edge. The method above is one way that you can use on operating systems other than Windows, namely Linux or Ubuntu.

Good luck!