Microsoft ChatGPT Integration in Windows 10/11 via PowerToys


Microsoft ChatGPT Integration in Windows 10/11 via PowerToys

ChatGPT is one of the AI technologies that is currently in great demand by large companies, OpenAI as a company that develops this technology gets a lot of cooperation. Now, Microsoft is again expanding ChatGPT support on their OS, Thursday (13/04).

OpenAI and Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that they began integrating ChatGPT with Bing's now more popular Bing Chat service. This service gets a lot of technology support, which allows users to be able to interact with AI, to search better.

Yesterday, Microsoft even leaked that they will release this ChatGPT in Microsoft Office which is now available through the Copilot feature. Not only that, recently we got information that Microsoft began to provide the same technology in the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, precisely through PowerToys.

Maybe users already know that PowerToys is an Open-Source application developed by Microsoft for all its users, where this application is one of the services from a fairly popular company that gives developers access to be able to collaborate with Microsoft Windows 10 and 11.

"The developer stated that the updated PowerToys tool will allow users to access the ChatGPT model through an existing feature called "PowerToys Run." This feature will enable users to interact with the language model in various ways, including asking questions and receiving responses in natural language. The integration seems primarily aimed at asking the AI questions directly from the desktop." Quoted via Windows Latest.

As explained through Windows Latest, ChatGPT development in Windows 10 and Windows 11 will later give developers access to a new feature called "PowerToys Run". Features that allow developers to be able to interact with languages with a more varied model including questions to provide responses in natural language.

Regarding when it will be released, we ourselves have not received exact information when this feature was released and according to the latest news Microsoft is still in the development stage of this integration feature in Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, they will give an official announcement when they are ready to release it.