Microsoft Warns Windows 10 21H2 End of Service


Microsoft Warns Windows 10 21H2 End of Service

Microsoft has indeed given a warning to most Windows 10 users, especially those who use version 21H2. This year, the company again warned that Windows 10 21H2 users will reach the end of their update, Saturday (08/04).

Microsoft since the end of 2022 has indeed given their announcement, which includes the End of Service of several Microsoft services and includes the delivery of Windows 10 version 21H2, which this year is planned to meet the End of Service provided by the company.

Through the Microsoft Health Dashboard, the company wrote that they will stop service support in Windows 10 21H2 starting June 13, 2023, related to this, users are expected to migrate to systems that are given longer support for the next few years such as migrating to Windows 11 22H2.

"On June 13, 2023, Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions of Windows 10, version 21H2 will reach end of servicing. The upcoming June 2023 security update, to be released on June 13, 2023, will be the last update available for this version. After this date, devices running this version will no longer receive monthly security and preview updates containing protections from the latest security threats." Microsoft writes through the Microsoft Health Dashboard.

Therefore, the company has long released a statement that it is expected that Windows 10 21H2 users can move to the latest version of Windows. This is of course so that users will get better update and feature support from Microsoft, considering that every month the company will send updates to improve the security system.

So, users are expected to upgrade to an OS version that still at least gets support until the release of Windows 12 which is currently rumored to be in the development stage from the company. Our suggestion, you can migrate to the Windows 10 22H2 version which is the latest version and still get a long enough service until 2024 later.

What do you think? Friends of Blogmagz, hurry up and migrate to Windows 11 so that you get the latest support and a longer period of time in receiving System Updates.