Mozilla Firefox Presents Picture in Picture in Address Bar


Mozilla Firefox Presents Picture in Picture in Address Bar

Mozilla Firefox seems to be releasing their new feature again, which according to the news we received they will soon release a new feature for Picture in Picture which is presented only in Mozilla Firefox, precisely in the Context Menu, Tuesday (18/04).

Picture in Picture is a feature that is quite popular today, where Microsoft is also a company that uses this feature some time ago. Mozilla Firefox announced that they will also be bringing this feature to their Context Menu in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Picture in Picture or PiP will be presented in the Contect Menu by those using Mozilla Firefox version 113, which is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser. In fact, the plan is that they will provide easier shortcut access directly through the Address Bar in Mozilla Firefox, here's what it looks like:

To be able to get this feature, users are required to use Mozilla Firefox with version 113 Beta. Mozilla Firefox plans to launch this PiP feature for their stable version, which according to the information we get will be released on May 9, 2023.

Therefore, for those of you who may be patient enough with the release of this PiP feature, you only need to wait in the next approximately three weeks, this PiP feature will be released by default in Mozilla Firefox.

PiP itself is not a new feature, where Mozilla Firefox has known for sure that this feature has been adopted by several other browser services such as Google Chrome and may be present in Microsoft Edge Chromium. But with the presence of this feature in Mozilla Firefox, users will be given additional features that are certainly interesting.

For this reason, this feature will provide easier access to PiP positions that must be activated by accessing double-click on the video, which applies to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Will this feature be released in Microsoft Edge following Mozilla Firefox and Chrome? Let's wait for later!