Windows 11 Experiences a Number of Issues in the Invisible Taskbar Not Working


Windows 11 Experiences a Number of Issues in the Invisible Taskbar Not Working

Microsoft yesterday has released the latest update in Windows 11, where they have released update KB5025239 which comes with many improvements. Now, users report experiencing a number of problems in the Taskbar, Monday (17/04).

After releasing the latest update in April 2023, now Windows 11 KB5025239 users are getting a number of issues that cause their Taskbar not working properly. It seems that the Cummulative Update provided not only brings a number of improvements, but also new problems.

Many Windows 11 users report that they get a number of problems from the hidden Taskbar, which now cannot provide good performance and often experience lag when accessed. For those of you who may not be aware, the Taskbar in Windows 11 has indeed been equipped with a number of qualified features, one of which is Invisible Taskbar.

This feature allows users to be able to already hide the Taskbar when in time brackets a few seconds do not click the application icon or Start Menu located on the Taskbar. But, since updating the system given by Microsoft a few days ago, users have encountered a new problem.

The problem is that when they activate the Invisible Taskbar then the user can no longer access it, there are many reports saying that their Taskbar cannot even appear when trying to access it. The taskbar that automatically appears only with Mouse Gesture is no longer able to respond.

"Following the update, some have claimed that the autohide taskbar feature is less efficient, staying visible more often and getting stuck more frequently. Although this has caused some inconvenience, the issue remains isolated. This means only some users are running into taskbar problems."

This temporary guess is that they use Third Party Apps such as ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack which are all third-party applications to customize the UI appearance of Windows 11.

Previously, Microsoft has also warned that such applications will cause a decrease in performance. For example, like File Explorer which will crash to block the new UI in the Windows 11 operating system.

Therefore, as a solution, Microsoft says users can uninstall the third-party application because it is suspected to be temporarily caused by a bug.