Microsoft Plans to Contract Mozilla Firefox After Google?


Microsoft Plans to Contract Mozilla Firefox After Google?


Microsoft seems to want to target Mozilla Firefox in the future, where this browser service has a good track record during their development even though it is under Google's control. Regarding this, it seems that Microsoft wants to make Firefox part of their company after the contract period ends with Google.

Most of us know that Google has been in a contract with Mozilla Firefox, where they spend huge amounts of money to keep their contract renewed. But of course there is a stipulation, where Firefox must make Google Search as their search engine for the duration of the contract.

Presumably this is one of the reasons why Google Search is used by millions of active users, because apart from Chrome which is the number one browser today, they are also helped by Firefox whose users print up to millions.

Quoted from The Informations, presumably the same strategy is also being targeted by one of the executives at Microsoft who is looking for time to be able to persuade and cooperate with Firefox. Later, of course, Google Search in Firefox will be changed to a search engine from Microsoft, namely Bing.

Why do so many use it and why is Microsoft interested? Although there is no official statement, but most likely the reason is that the total number of Firefox users is no less numerous. Although Chrome, Safari and Edge still occupy the top three most used browsers but Firefox always trails behind them.

Firefox is also one of the browsers with lighter performance than Edge and Chrome, where they have fewer features to load. But this is the advantage of Firefox, lightweight performance supports to be installed on old OS such as Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The competition between Google and Microsoft is certainly heating up, do you think Google will stay silent? These two big companies certainly have to offer profitable advantages for Mozilla Firefox so that they can still get a lot of luck.

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