2024 Goals: Google to Focus on Developing 'Quality of Content AI'


2024 Goals: Google to Focus on Developing 'Quality of Content AI'



Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the tools that is increasingly popular and in great demand by not only large companies but also the general public. There are many jobs currently being shifted to AI, one of which is writing content.

However, there are many criticisms to companies that prioritize content which is written by AI, one of which is the issue of content validity and quality. AI tends to take a wide variety of sources from different websites and combine them, making it easier for them to write news.

This is a major problem, because AI does not include sources and tends not to use accurate information from news or written content. Google News is one of them, this platform made by Google uses AI power to create news with content that comes from nowhere. When viewed from journalists' writing standards, of course this is not appropriate.

"Google News is increasingly full of content that's being ripped from actual human journalists, fed through an AI, and posted online to random websites that aren't curated in any form or fashion. These websites often pull content from dozens of other publications in an effort to capture web traffic, often pairing the content with as many ads as possible. These websites have always been a problem (often with site owners plastering the content on Reddit), but the rise of AI is just making it worse, and Google News isn't doing a very good job at filtering this content out."

How did Google respond? Companies don't seem to care much about the quality of their content, the most important thing is that News can get a lot of readers and traffic to display ads. Basically, it ends with income or money from advertising, the more visitors, the more money collected.

"We have a focus on achieving the best ranking of the quality of the content we provide, no matter how it is created. AI-generated content attracts more attention and ranks without being read as spam," a Google spokesperson said.