Apple Targets Sales of Up to 180 Thousand Units for Vision Pro


Apple Targets Sales of Up to 180 Thousand Units for Vision Pro



Apple has announced about their AR devices through Vision Pro which they have introduced since June 2023 yesterday, starting 2024 this company from the USA will start doing a Pre-Order period for loyal consumers who have long been curious about the latest AR made by Apple Inc.

After yesterday making an official event and introducing Vision Pro, the company began to open the Pre-Order period for consumers in the US or the United States since last week. Although many gave criticism and many said they would not buy it, but the fact is that Apple Inc. began to be flooded with orders from loyal consumers.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple Inc. estimates that Apple Inc. will sell up to 180,000 units of the Vision Pro for the Pre-Order period. In fact, currently the Apple Vision Pro has been Sold Out or out of orders due to the booming number of orders, Apple has even just announced that the estimated delivery will be up to 7 weeks.

"While initial demand is strong, Kuo expects it to taper off once the early adopters get their orders in. Estimated shipping times did not change in the two days following the Vision Pro's pre-orders going live which is not usually the case for other Apple devices like the iPhone where demand continues to grow with shipping estimates also gradually extending."


This is not a wrong step, considering Apple Inc. has indeed prepared many things in the development of Vision Pro. Unlike Meta's Meta Quest, which was criticized and said to be a "Failed Product", Apple said that they will provide a different service and experience for Vision Pro.

Kuo also expects that Apple will be able to sell up to 500,000 units of Vision Pro by the end of 2024. Of course, this could happen if Apple quickly expands their market for the Vison Pro, for example by launching it in Japan, South Korea to China.

"Achieving a shipment volume of 500,000 units for Vision Pro this year should not be challenging. However, because demand tapers off quickly after the initial sold-out, it's critical to closely monitor demand in other markets and application updates to assess changes in demand." Quoting from Medium.