Google Gives Access to EU to Know Who Shares User Data


Google Gives Access to EU to Know Who Shares User Data



Google and the EU do not have a good relationship, the EU government is very selective about sharing data which is quite sensitive and not arbitrary. That's why many large companies are indeed stricter in the use of user data in the EU, one of which is Google.

After going through a lot of consideration, we finally found the latest information brought by Google, their services such as YouTube, Gmail to Google Chrome can be accessed by EU users with customization of their data usage permission. Users can easily choose which access to privacy and data they want.

Google itself says that they will share user data for certain purposes such as commercial activities such as buying products, where Google will ask for some data to complete payments on Google Pay to Google Shopping.

“The new policy, which the company said was in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), allows users to opt out of data sharing across all, some, or none of a select number of Google’s services. The services listed include YouTube, Search, ad services, Google Play, Chrome, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. But the policy isn’t watertight — Google will still share user data when it’s necessary to complete a task (e.g., if you’re paying for a purchase on Google Shopping with Google Pay) in order to comply with the law, stop fraud, or protect against abuse.”

Google is not the only company that has changed many of their policies in the EU region, several other large companies also there are Meta, Apple to TikTok developed by ByteDance which are both struggling to maintain terms and conditions in the EU region.

As Google and some of these large companies expand their platforms in the EU, in accordance with applicable law these companies must comply with EU law, especially in the digital world held by DMA (Digital Market Atc).

What do you think? Most likely some of these Google platforms will not work as well as the integrations they provide in other countries.