Google Introduces Cyrcle Feature in Google Search Android


Google Introduces Cyrcle Feature in Google Search Android



For you Google users, have you heard rumors about new features that will be released in the Android version of Google Search? This feature is called Cyrcle. Confused isn't it? But for those of you who yesterday had time to read our news about the Galaxy S24 Series, it must be felt to know this one feature.

On the Galaxy S24 Series yesterday Samsung provided interesting information about how Google Search works very comfortably and flexibly, where only need to circle objects in the image then Google Search can directly search and provide information about other images that are similar very accurately.

Samsung itself is not stingy to share information that they use the help of Google Cloud in the AI technology they develop. Shortly after, precisely today, Google wrote that they will release a new feature called Cyrcle in the Android version of Google Search.

So, later for those of you who use Google Search on Android can easily use this feature which means it is not only present on the Galaxy S24 Series. In general, how to use it is also almost the same as how you use it on the Galaxy S24 Series.

“Google has been experimenting with ways to search on smartphones since the dawn of Android and the latest attempt involves drawing circles. Circle to Search allows users to draw a circle around information on their device screen to search for the highlighted item. While the feature is officially called Circle to Search, you can also highlight text and scribble on items instead of drawing oval shapes to trigger the new search option.

Circle to Search works anywhere on your device but you’ll have to long press the home button or the navigation bar for those using gestures to activate the feature before you start circling items. Google is advertising this feature as more convenient alternative to switching between various apps like screenshotting items and then using Google Lens.”


Surely this is an improvement in itself, right? Maybe Google will also bring this feature as one of their default features in the upcoming Pixel Series.