Google Message Presents Photomoji, Starting Global Release


Google Message Presents Photomoji, Starting Global Release



Google presents some of their latest features in the Messages service, where this service has been widely used by Pixel and Samsung users. Google also released a collection of the latest emojis and one of the new features they released is Photomoji.

What is Photomoji? Actually, this feature is better known as Sticker or images made with an entertaining concept, so that buses are sent when typing messages and sending messages to each other. You can also add images that you find funny and entertaining, so you don't have to look around for ways to use Third Party.

The ability of this feature is also quite a lot, you can edit the image by removing the background of the image and start adding some additional elements such as words or text. So that the moment of sending a message will be more interesting.

Google Messages will subtly indicate that Photomoji is live on your device with a circular badge over the emoji button in the compose field. You can add new ones by long-pressing on an SMS text or RCS chat and scrolling to the end of the reactions bar for "Create." That button is also available in the emoji picker to make ones without having to first send them.

 When sent, the Photomoji will be sent which is similar to when we send a reaction using emojis. Google Messages certainly already uses this feature, where you can display message reactions by adding emojis.

What do you think? Many Messages users feel that this feature is not so useful, because Google has added almost the same features as using Stickers and Emojis.

"Making stickers this way instead of photomojis would be nicer and could be a feature of gboard. or both, both would be fine." Write one Google Messages user in one of the forums.

 So far, there have been mixed responses from Google Messages users. Also many of them have got this feature, Google even said that this feature will be released in the next few weeks. Users who have gotten this feature early are those who have tried the beta version.