It's terrible! Windows 11 January Update Can't Install?


It's terrible! Windows 11 January Update Can't Install?



Microsoft has just released their update for the January Update, which is coming for most Windows 11 users. However, based on reports we found stating that some users are unable to install from this January update.

The update brought is the KB5034123 version that comes to Windows 11 users, through the Feedback page where there are many Windows users who write their frustrations. Many of them questioned why this was so, even after doing the Trobleshoot process the problem found was still unsolved.

Until now Microsoft has also not provided further information or explanation, one Reddit user shared some simple steps that can solve this problem temporarily, here are the steps:

  1. You can now run the Media Creation Tool, choose “Create installation media for another PC”, and click Next. You can create an ISO file and allow the app to download the required files.
  2. Once done, run the setup.exe and select “Upgrade this PC now”. Ensure “Keep personal files and apps” is also specified, ensuring nothing happens to your files or apps.
  3. Install the Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft website.
If you follow the steps above carefully, then your PC will restart several times. After all the processes are complete, you can open Windows Update again and just try to download and install the January update version.

“This month’s big security KB5034123 for Windows 11 is unable to install due to vague error messages, with 0x800f081f being highlighted by more users. In Feedback Hub, users also flagged other installation errors like 0x80188309.

One user explained that they tried running Troubleshooter, but it didn’t work, and the update still wouldn’t get installed. It’s unclear what’s preventing the installation, but we’ve received reports from many users claiming that it’s nearly impossible to install Windows 11’s January 2024 update.” Dikutip dari Windows Latest.

What do you think? If you find the same problem and have tried various methods, you can leave a comment below if this method works.