Microsoft Brings GPT-4 Turbo on Copilot iOS and Android


Microsoft Brings GPT-4 Turbo on Copilot iOS and Android


OpenAI yesterday released GPT-4 Turbo as the latest version and claimed to be able to provide improved answers that are more accurate, this service is paid and must be subscribed. Microsoft also recently announced that GPT-Turbo itself can be accessed through Edge Copilot.

The Copilot service has indeed become the mainstay AI service from Microsoft, not only present on Windows OS but Edge which can also be accessed on Edge Android and iOS. Just like in OpenAI, to access Copilot, you can access it freely and for free.

However, this new access must also be paid. GPT-4 Turbo itself must be accessed for users who subscribe only, in Copilot Edge which can be accessed on iOS and Android you have to spend approximately $ 20 USD or equivalent to Rp 316,000.00.

"Copilot Pro is a $20 premium subscription-based version of Microsoft's AI, powered by ChatGPT and the company's in-house large language models. Copilot Pro doesn't offer many 'exclusive' features, but there are a couple of advantages, such as access to GPT-4 Turbo during peak times and DALL-E 3 with 100 boosts per day with Designer."

 When you have subscribed, you can use Copilot Pro which can be registered on the official Microsoft website, so you can access premium services from Microsoft's AI on Android and iOS.

For those of you who use iOS and don't find this feature, then an error might occur. Microsoft says that this is only an early launch and it still needs time for expansion in some regions.

As for those of you who use Android now Edge with Copilot GPT-4 Turbo is available and can immediately subscribe.

Slowly Microsoft has indeed brought a lot of convenience to AI services, where of course we ourselves will benefit. All the information we need can be taken by Copilot, therefore it is not wrong if in the future Microsoft will bring more improvements in Windows OS.

Meanwhile, Copilot on Windows is now starting to be obtained by Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.