Netflix CEO Confirms No Intention to Create App Version on Apple Vision Pro


Netflix CEO Confirms No Intention to Create App Version on Apple Vision Pro



Apple Vision Pro has now begun to open the Pre-Order period which is only available in the US and UK, Apple itself does have other plans to market the Vision Pro worldwide until the end of 2024. However, unfortunately several major platforms have no intention of making an App version on Vision Pro, Thursday (27/01).

Vision Pro is an advanced AR device made by Apple Inc., this device is getting popular even long before it is officially released. Since June 2023, many media have reported on Vision Pro, including ourselves.

The sales they get are also considered successful, just imagine that not a month after the opening of the Pre-Order period, the sales obtained by Apple Inc. currently reach 160,000 units. Apple itself has plans to sell up to 500,000 units in December 2024, fantastic sales right?

However, until now there are still very few platforms that are confirmed to run on Vision Pro. Some platforms that have not provided support are Netflix, not only that but there is YouTube from Google and Spotify. The company has no intention of creating an application base on Vison Pro.

"Netflix Co-CEO Greg Peters was interviewed by Stratechery and was there is no Netflix app on the Vision Pro. Long story short, it's not worth it – there aren't enough potential subscribers that own the headset relative to the amount of effort it would take to port the streaming app to the platform. That is not to say that there will never be a Netflix app on the Apple Vision Pro – Peters is certainly not against it, but for now the company is just waiting to see how the situation will develop."

Netflix has actually launched their own VR device since 2015 yesterday, this device is not so popular and is also only equipped with 360-degree support for wider vision. Vision Pro may indeed come with more advanced technology, but it requires a process for operating system support and other companies.