Only 10 days? Apple Vision Pro sold up to 200 thousand units?


Only 10 days? Apple Vision Pro sold up to 200 thousand units?


In recent days we have heard a lot of news from Apple Inc. which has started selling their first AR device through Vision Pro, this device has been discussed for quite a long time on various social media platforms and has received various attention from critics. Apple also looks ambitious to continue to provide much better technology development.

After opening the Pre-Order period a week ago, Apple quickly got a lot of total orders from its consumers. In the first week, Apple Inc. managed to sell approximately 180,000 units of Vision Pro, based on estimates of analysis provided by Ming-Chi Kuo.

Rumor has it that Apple will continue to ramp up sales of the Vision Pro to touch the 200,000 mark for this week and continue for the next month. Vision Pro is priced at a price that can be said to be not cheap, the expensive price is certainly a value in itself for the expectations given by Apple to its loyal consumers.

"Vision Pro headsets for launch day home delivery sold out within hours of pre-orders launching, and in-store pickup options followed shortly after, so it is no surprise that interest in the headset has started to wane somewhat after the initial rush of orders. Media reviews for the Vision Pro are set to go live on Tuesday, and that could push more sales, plus there will likely be an uptick in purchases after actual consumers begin sharing hands-on experiences.

Kuo has warned that demand for the Vision Pro could taper off quickly because of the niche market for the device. The headset is priced at $3,500, which puts it out of range of many consumers. Rumors have suggested that Apple is prepared for a limited number of sales, due both to the high price of the Vision Pro and difficulty producing it. Apple is expected to produce around half a million Vision Pro headsets, but whether it will sell that many remains to be seen."


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