Rumor: Google is developing a new Pixel Watch


Rumor: Google is developing a new Pixel Watch



Since wal launched the Google Pixel Watch, the company has received quite a lot of criticism from its consumers. These critics say that the size of the Pixel Watch is too small and some say too big for a larger size, Google seems to understand and will present two different sizes in their Pixel Watch 3 series.

Google rumors are developing the latest Pixel Watch 3, interestingly Google will provide development by offering two different sizes of the Pixel Watch 3. That is, the release will come with two sizes that can be adjusted to the size of each consumer's hand, there are small sizes and also larger ones.

If it is true, it is possible that Google will follow Samsung which released the Galaxy Watch with several different sizes. So, maybe the Google Pixel Watch will be released with 40mm and 44mm variants for two different sizes. Because of the large size it ranges from 43mm and 47mm which is too big for most of its users who are dominated by women.

Looking at the competitive landscape, Samsung offers the Galaxy Watch 6 in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes. It also sells the 43 mm and 47 mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with identical screen sizes (1.31” and 1.47”) but with the addition of a rotating bezel and the use of stainless steel instead of aluminum. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 9 is available in 41 mm or 45 mm.

For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 47mm has a size up to 4x larger than the Pixel Watch 2 41mm. So it's possible that Google will choose the size in the middle from the size given by Samsung and other Pixel Watch series.

 Google should also develop a smaller bezel size, and add a larger screen size for smaller size variants. Google also received criticism with the release of the 41mm Pixel Watch, because in myself this size is too small and few people have a small hand circle size.

What do you think? If you are one of the Pixel Watch users, you can really comment below.