WhatsApp Custom Sticker Now Available on iOS Version, Snooze on Android?


WhatsApp Custom Sticker Now Available on iOS Version, Snooze on Android?



WhatsApp is now releasing a new feature on their service called WhatsApp Custom Sticker, a feature that allows users to easily create their own stickers on WhatsApp without the need to use third-party applications at all on iOS.

Usually when we create new stickers on WhatsApp then we need a third-party application right? The method is also quite easy where you only need to select an image in the gallery and make it into a sticker, you can also add funny sentences that are entertaining.

It seems that WhatsApp is aware of this and does not let third-party applications take over, the proof is now they provide an improvement from the sticker features they have by providing sticker making features or WhatsApp Custom Sticker Maker.

By using WhatsApp Custom Stickers, you only need a few easy steps to create stickers, just need to open the WhatsApp application and access stickers. Then you can directly select the image in the gallery to be used as a sticker, here you can even remove the background of the image.

“To create a sticker from an existing image, open the app’s sticker tray, select create sticker, and then choose an image from your gallery. From there, you can proceed to customize your sticker by choosing a cutout, adding text, and drawing on it. You can also edit any previously made stickers by opening the sticker tray, long-pressing on the sticker you want to change, and then choosing edit sticker.”

WhatsApp not only releases this feature for iOS users but for Android users will also get it, in other versions it is desktop but it will be more comfortable to use it on the mobile version right?

For iOS users, you must run WhatsApp with this new feature at least on the latest iOS 17. Users below iOS 17 cannot use this feature yet, yes, in this feature you can also add some elements such as text.

What do you think? If you are an iOS 17 user and have got this feature then you can share it with us in the comments column.