Cause Microsoft Crash Confirmation Error in File System in Windows 10


Cause Microsoft Crash Confirmation Error in File System in Windows 10



Some Windows 10 users recently gave their reports regarding problems they got when updating the operating system to the latest version of Windows 10, where they received a number of error messages and through its official website the company confirmed that there was an error in the system.

User reports show that they receive error messages in several built-in apps such as Photos, Calculate to Calendar and Feedback Hub. When accessed they will receive a "File System Error (-2147219196)" message and do not know how, Microsoft says that they are identifying this issue and preparing a fix through an update later.

According to a report from Microsoft Forums, previously users get information about Auto Update which can indeed be set directly, so when users have received Windows 10 system updates will immediately update when they finish downloading it, all this is done automatically.

Microsoft auto-updated its inbox apps via its Store on January 23. While the updates were supposed to be regular maintenance releases, they broke the inbox apps like Microsoft Photos, Calculator, Mail and Calendar, Feedback Hub, and more.

Based on the reports we've received from users, these apps immediately crash upon launching with an error message "File system error (-2147219196)". This bug seems to affect older hardware only, such as AMD Athlon, Intel Quad, and Core 2 Duo processors, which were in the market in the early 2000s.

Why Does Windows 10 Crash with File System Error Message?

According to some sources, what causes errors in the File System is a problematic Root process. It is also likely related to the "vclibs framework" which is connected to some built-in applications such as Photos and Calculator.

Moreover, Microsoft has used SSE4.2 which has been used by Microsoft since 2011 yesterday, allowing PCs to be able to handle many services and connect to each other, some applications or related services are as follows.

  • Photos
  • Calculator
  • Mail & Calendar
  • Movies & TV (aka Movies & TV).
  • Feedback Hub.
  • Paint 3D.
  • 3D Viewer.
  • Game Bar

Meanwhile, users are expected to be patient because the company will re-release updates in which there are system improvements.