Download BitTorrent Web Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Download BitTorrent Web Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Torrent file format has been widely used for large files. For example, a movie where the longer the duration and resolution it has, the larger the file size that users must download.

To download torrent files, a downloader or torrent client is needed which is specifically designed for file formats like this. During the download process, unfortunately users cannot play the file. They can't help but have to wait until the download process is complete.

Want to play a torrent file that is being downloaded? Now you can download BitTorrent Web for Windows. BitTorrent Web is an application that allows users to not only search and download torrent files, but also stream them at the same time.

As the name implies, BitTorrent Web is web-based. Unlike the desktop version that does not support playing files whose download process is in progress.

BitTorrent Web features a built-in player so you don't have to switch apps while streaming video. Interesting, isn't it?

Features and Pros of BitTorrent Web

BitTorrent Web is a torrent client worth checking out if you're looking for a new way to enjoy files that come in .torrent format. Here are the features brought by it.


On multimedia files, BitTorrent Web allows users to open and play torrent files they find without the need to download them first. The way this works is similar to when you are accessing a video streaming platform.

Quick Access Through Browser

As already mentioned, BitTorrent Web is web-based not desktop. After successfully installing BitTorrent Web for Windows, you can immediately run this application through the default browser.

Search Box

BitTorrent Web can be directly used to search for torrent files on the internet. It's easy. You only need to type keywords in the search box provided.

Drag and Drop Files

BitTorrent Web lets users drag and drop any torrent file to add it to the download queue list.

Safe Torrent Scanner

In terms of security, BitTorrent Web presents scanner support that is able to track whether a torrent file that users find on the internet has the potential to harm their computer devices or not.

Media Player yang Built-in

For more practical and efficient use, BitTorrent Web is equipped with a built-in media player so that the file you want to play will open directly on BitTorrent Web without the need for another program.

Download BitTorrent Web Latest

BitTorrent Web is an application to stream torrents while you wait for the file download process to finish. Users can also search for torrent files from the internet directly from the app. Download the latest and free BitTorrent Web for Windows via the link below: