Download Google Earth for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Download Google Earth for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Google Earth is a virtual globe application created with a method of mapping the earth's surface based on satellite capture and aerial photography. Google Earth was previously called Earth Viewer developed by Keyhole, Inc. Then the name was changed to Google Earth after being taken over alias bought by Google in 2004.

Now Google Earth is available for various maca operating systems such as windows, linux, and Machintos. By using Google Earth you can see the surface of the earth thoroughly and in detail both in 2D and 3D graphics so that you can know the real structure of the earth's surface.

What Google Earth is used for

Using Google Earth you can find locations such as houses and other buildings easily and in detail accompanied by images from the roof and front. The search process can be done using the home address that you enter into the search form, or directly using the map coordinates that are already available.

The technology specifications provided by Google Earth are as follows:

  1. Google Earth uses a geographic system in a single form based on the 1984 World Geodetic System. Google Earth shows the world as if you were on a plane or in a satellite circling the earth.
  2. Basic resolution, Google Earth displays images with a resolution high enough to be able to display clear images, for countries like America, Google Earth displays 15 m, while for some states it displays 1 m or better.
  3. Altitude Resolution, Google Earth displays areas at a certain altitude especially on land, for the seabed Google Earth does not have a feature to display it. Google Earth only provides image information that displays the land of a country.
  4. You need to know that Google Earth cannot be installed on an old type of computer, Google Earth can be run by a computer with enough specifications so that it can display good graphics, below are the minimum specifications for running the Google Earth application.

Download Google Earth for Windows

Now that's the advantage of technology available on Google Earth that you can use to find information about the earth, as well as about the specifications of computers that can run the Google Earth application, and you need to know that there are three types of versions of Google Earth.

The first is the free version that you can use with various limitations. The second is the Google Earth Plus version, if you want to get the plus version of the application you have to pay $ 20, while the third is the premium version, this is for enterprise class and has to pay annually for $ 400. Download the latest and free Google Earth via the link below.