Download HandBrake Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Download HandBrake Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Video is one of the digital media content that is very often used in addition to photos. The video itself is divided into several types such as private videos that can only be seen by the closest people or public videos that can be in the form of ordinary videos or feature films. Because this film is made with the same technology as ordinary video but with a sophisticated camera.

Whether or not the size of the video you make depends on the camera device you use. The better the quality of the phone camera you use, the greater the size of the video you make. Where if the video size is too large, the cellphone storage system is also full quickly.

Pros of HandBrake

To avoid full phone storage just because you have a lot of large videos, you can compress the size to be smaller than the original size. Software that you can use to compress this video is HandBrake. Amazingly this software can be used for all video formats. While the advantages that exist in HandBrake are:

Multi-platform software

Handbrake is cross software or multi-platform software. Where this software can run on two different types of operating systems. You can use this HandBrake on Linux, MacOS but only the 64 bit version and also the Windows operating system either in 32 bit or 64 bit.

Convert videos to popular formats

One of the most famous and widely used video formats is MPEG either version 2 or 4. HandBrake is a video conversion software with a complete video format. Starting from MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Theora, to H.264 formats there are all in this software.

Support of subtitles of various versions

Usually, a movie video in English or other foreign languages is always equipped with Indonesian subtitles. This subtitle serves to facilitate the understanding of Indonesians about the storyline in the film. HandBrake also provides several versions of subtitles that will support the video you edited earlier.

Download Latest HandBrake

Audio formats with MP3, -AAC, AC3, FLAC, and many more you can encode with HandBrake. This means that audio that originally could not be played on a computer because of different formats, now you can adjust to this one software. HandBrake is also small enough that it won't fill up your storage.

HandBrake not only serves to reduce the size of the video but can also change the video format. So if your computer does not support the video format then the video format can be changed. So you can view the video from your computer with the same duration without any missing parts. Download the latest and free HandBrake via the link below: