Download Latest Apache OpenOffice 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest Apache OpenOffice 2024 (Free Download)



Nowadays human aids make many of the latest innovations, one of which is a tool in the form of a computer. Nowadays office work is more assisted by computers. Many software that makes office work easier is growing. Nowadays computers can be easily found in every office, company, school or even household.

As well as making a document, report, or college assignments that can facilitate our work. If we want to create a report, we don't need to create a report manually anymore. Because now there have appeared various word processing software such as OpenOffice. Which has advantages and can help get the job done for its users.

Apache OpenOffice Usability

OpenOffice or now can be called Apache OpenOffice is a package of office applications with open source code or open source that can be obtained for free. One such package is included in word processor word processing components, spreadsheet worksheets, presentations, vector illustrations, and database data warehouses. Apache OpenOffice can run on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. Apache OpenOffice also supports open document standards for data exchange and can be used at no cost.

Apache OpenOffice is an office suite developed by StarDivision which was finally recognized in August 1999 by Sun Microsystems. It was acquired by Oracle in 2010. In 2011 the project was developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Apache developed this project and took its official name, Apache OpenOffice, the abbreviation AOO replacing the previous name or OOo.

Apache OpenOffice has various kinds including: (1) OpenOffice writer as a word processor useful for creating written documents, (2) OpenOffice Calc as a spreadsheet in offices similar to excel, (3) OpenOffice Impress is used to make a presentation, (4) OpenOffice Draw program is used to draw mainly 2-dimensional images, (5) OpenOffice Math special program used to write formulas or mathematical formulas such as Equation Editor,  (6) OpenOffice Base This application is used to create databases.

The difference between Apache OpenOffice and other software lies in the features it has, namely in this software can create HTML for a website. The large size of the file is usually smaller than the file size of other software. It supports the feature of exporting documents in PDF format. Supports ODF format, as an open office application package document format. As well as supporting and saving documents in Microsoft Office format.

Download the Latest Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is indeed a software that is less familiar to the public even companies rarely use it because at school and college it is not taught to use this software. But Apache OpenOffice software is free and can open data files from similar software, but other software that cannot open files from Apache OpenOffice. You can get the latest Apache OpenOffice download link below.