Download Latest DirectX 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest DirectX 2024 (Free Download)



Now technology is very sophisticated and makes everyone more comfortable to use the facilities provided by this technology, one of which is the internet. On the internet you can get every interesting thing you want. Because just from one platform you have got many interesting and fun things.

One of the facilities provided by the internet and can be enjoyed by all ages is gaming. Because the internet provides several games that can be adjusted to the age of the player. Starting from games for kids to games for adults are all on the internet and you can access them anytime.

For those of you who have been playing games on the computer for a long time, then you certainly know DirectX. This one software is included in the most frequently used software so that gamers can play games on PC very comfortably. Because there are some games that cannot be directly played in the game because they require API to be used.

Pros of DirectX

Microsoft always provides the best quality for every product they have including with DirectX. Where this one software is always updated to remain equipped with the most advanced technology. While the advantages brought by DirectX are:

Can be used to play various kinds of media

If DirectX is only familiar with facilitating the use of games, then DirectX will make media playback on your computer smoother. Starting from movies, music, and also games can run smoother on your PC.

No internet required to install

Another great thing possessed by DirectX is that it does not require an internet connection at all to install. Precisely if you use the internet then your installation process can take longer.

Problem D3dx.dll not found resolved

The D3dx.dll not found problem often occurs in AAA games. But by using DirectX, this problem can be solved so you can be more comfortable when playing games.

Download the Latest DirectX

Because DirectX 9 is always updated version, you can use this software to play the latest games today. And amazingly your computer will not slow down even if the game size is quite large.

For those of you who play games on a Windows-based computer, you can use DirectX 9 for your computer. DirectX 9 is a software made by Microsoft company where this software can be used to make games can run on your computer. Because this product is made by Microsoft, only Windows can use it. Download the latest and free DirectX via the link below: