Download Latest Mozilla Thunderbird 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest Mozilla Thunderbird 2024 (Free Download)


Having multiple email accounts can be very inconvenient, especially if not all accounts are from the same provider. For example, some are from Gmail, some are from Vivaldi Webmail, Yahoo Mail and others. How to solve this problem is very easy, namely by using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops. Just like Mozilla Firefox, this software is also free for anyone who is interested in using it. Installation is easy, but users need to fiddle with some settings first to be able to access the email service through Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features

Email coming to Mozilla Thunderbird is treated according to the protocol chosen by the user, which is the POP3 or IMAP protocol. If POP3 is selected, all messages will be downloaded to local storage while messages on the server will be automatically deleted 14 days later. Users can also choose to immediately delete these messages from the server after everything has finished downloading.

To save hard drive space, users can set Thunderbird not to download email messages whose file size exceeds a predetermined limit. For example, an email message is not downloaded if the file size is larger than 50KB.

In addition, all messages can also be deleted automatically based on time, for example messages that have been stored for 30 days. And alternatively, there's also the option to delete all email messages except the most recent 2000 messages. Of course, this number 2000 can also be changed according to taste.

Each message can also be deleted manually. In this case, a cool feature called Quick Filter will filter messages based on the words the user types and the results are displayed instantly without having to press any buttons. With this feature, multiple email messages can be deleted simultaneously.

Filters can also be pinned for use in other email accounts. In addition to Quick Filter, there are also several filter buttons that allow users to display only unread messages or messages that have attachments.

Download the Latest Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird also includes a feed reader feature. Each feed can be updated in different time periods. For example, feeds from Reddit are updated every 5 minutes while feeds from Instagram taken through RSSHub are updated every 1 day. This feature is only a side feature, so it's not as good as QuietRSS or other desktop-based feed readers.

The features in Thunderbird can also be added by installing add-ons such as Send Later to schedule sending email messages, Close tab on ESC to close tabs by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard, MinimizeToTray Reanimated to place Thunderbird in the system tray, Colored Folders to color folders, and so on. Whatever features you want to add, you can look for them on the Thunderbird add-ons page. Download the latest Mozilla Thunderbird for free via the link below: