Download Latest NetSpot 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest NetSpot 2024 (Free Download)



The internet is one part of life that you can easily get today, generally people use internet data packages using prepaid cards, but now there are also many people who use Wi-Fi network services for unlimited internet.

As we know, that when installing a Wi-Fi network, several ways are needed that are not arbitrary, ranging from installing a router, to the placement of a network that can be reached. In installation, you can use several ways such as software assistance.

Well, this time we will discuss one of the software that is widely used when you want to install a Wi-Fi wireless network. NetSpot is a software that you can easily use to analyze and optimize Wi-Fi networks, by using NetSpot you can determine Wi-Fi placement, to add signal strengthening.

NetSpot Features and Benefits

NetSpot is a software that functions as a tool, by using this software you will be greatly helped because of its features that can design maps on a Wi-Fi wireless network.

By using NetSpot, you can connect with a Network Admin account, without using many help tools then you only need to use NetSpot to design a Wi-Fi network map that matches the area of space or range needed.

NetSpot itself actually has two main functions in it, divided into Discover and Survey features. Of course, with each advantage offered, to find out more clearly what are the features and advantages of NetSpot, then consider some of the advantages below, including:


NetSpot is equipped with this one feature to analyze the status of the network available around you, later the results will be collected analyzed in the form of tables to make it easier for you to see the network. There will be a table containing the SSID number, network security, brand of device used, to signal strength.

Survey Mode

Survey mode or more simply the creation of a network map, is the most important part of NetSpot, with this feature you can make a picture or visualization of the wireless network by looking at the range that can be reached by the network.

You can use this feature to ensure whether the network can be reached by a wider environment or not, for example to ensure whether all employees can access the network in an office space then you can use this feature.

Find a Secure Network

NetSpot can also be used to find and identify security on a network, if you find a Wi-Fi network then you can identify whether the network is safe to use / connect to or not.

Signal Strength

Well, this is one feature that is very helpful for you, when you try to fix a Wi-Fi network then you can identify the strength of the network, after which you can find signal weak points and improve access.

Download Latest NetSpot

NetSpot is a software that you can use to help install an adequate wifi network, by using NetSpot you do not need to use other helpers, because this software can easily track and provide an accurate graphic visualization of the range of the Wi-Fi network you install. Download the latest and free NetSpot for Windows via the link below: