Download Latest TypeApp 2024 (Free Download)


Download Latest TypeApp 2024 (Free Download)



TypeApp includes an email client full of convenience and convenience. And most importantly, the process of adding an email account is not at all confusing and hassle-free.

Currently TypeApp for Windows is still in beta stage but overall there are no very annoying issues, there are only minor flaws such as scrollbars not displaying as they should.

Features and Benefits of TypeApp

The first window that appears is the login window consisting of an email address field and a list of providers supported by TypeApp. Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Yandex, Mail, Zoho, GMX, iCloud, Hotmail, Comcast, Live,,, and Ymail are the names of these providers.

If the name of the email service provider you want to use is not in the list, for example such as Proton or Vivaldi Webmail, you can go to the Full Provider List section, select Other Email, then enter the email address in question and the password.

The process of adding your email account to TypeApp is very easy. You don't need to set details like SMTP server and port and protocol used. From start to finish, the process is just to enter your email address and confirm to give TypeApp access rights. The access rights requested include full access rights to read and write emails, contacts and profiles.

The feature that also deserves thumbs up is its appearance that can make anyone feel at home for a long time in browsing and reading incoming emails, especially TypeApp is also equipped with light and dark themes. The drawback, the scrollbar on the right panel is not visible at all when the dark theme is activated. This deficiency becomes a problem that is quite troublesome when the middle button of your mouse happens to be damaged.

TypeApp actually consists of three panels but one of them is hidden, which is the leftmost part. This section contains the entire folder containing emails. If you want to display it permanently, click the Inbox button, then click on the pin button.

The second pane is the panel that contains all incoming emails. Each email displays excerpts in the form of text taken from the body of their respective emails. These quotes are called preview lines and the number can be set. The maximum number of citations that can be displayed is four lines.

Download Latest TypeApp

You can add multiple email accounts to a TypeApp. Adding a second account and so on is just as easy as adding an account the first time. All accounts that have been added will then be displayed in a separate section, namely in the menu located at the top.

In that menu you can also find the option to activate the light and dark theme which comes with three filters to show unread emails, emails marked as favorites, and to display all emails without exception. Download the latest and free TypeApp via the link below: