Download Medal of Honor - Frontline - PS2 ISO & ROM Free


Download Medal of Honor - Frontline - PS2 ISO & ROM Free


Medal of Honor – Frontline is a game that will make you feel the atmosphere of the World War II or World War II battle. At the beginning, the game will remind you of the famous movie, Saving Private Ryan.

The film does have some similarities with the Medal of Honor – Frontline. For example, the blood-filled invasion of the beaches of Omaha, Normandy. In this game, you will be assigned as a US soldier who is carrying out a special mission.

Your mission is to sneak, fight, and terrorize your opponents. In doing this is certainly not easy. Later it will be your enemy ready to wait for you to attack. To do this, in Medal of Honor – Frontline you need strategy, not just how you're going to take down your enemies.

Features and Highlights

Medal of Honor – Frontline is an FPS or First Person Shooter game. So the players do feel more like they really feel the sensation in battle. It's as if you are holding a weapon then sneak into various areas of your enemies.

You need to be vigilant and don't let your steps make your opponent aware of your presence. For this reason, a sneak strategy and walk slowly is needed. There's a map on the left side of the screen that you can use to find out where you are now.

Like other war games, in Medal of Honor – Frontline there are also several missions that you must complete. Each mission has a different level of difficulty. But herein lies the excitement of this game that makes you want to keep playing it.

Use Weapons and Grenades

During playing Medal of Honor – Frontline, you are equipped with several weapons that you can use. The first weapon is a handgun. You can use this silenced gun to kill your enemies in close quarters.

Then there are Sniper Rifles that are suitable when you want to aim and knock out your enemies from a distance. Also use a shotgun so you can immediately finish off your enemies in just one shot.

If there are too many enemies in front of you or you want to destroy certain objects, then use grenades. You just throw it and everything will be "done" immediately.

Many Missions to Complete

In Medal of Honor – Frontline, there are at least 6 missions that you must complete. However, each of these missions has its own level or levels. It can be said that each of them has a submission.

To run and complete 1 mission takes a long time. For example, in mission 5 entitled "Rolling Thunder". You have to complete several levels ranging from level 5-1 to 5-3.

To achieve it is certainly not easy. You have to be ready to face off against the opposing forces that await you.

Download Medal of Honor – Frontline PS2 ISO

That's all about the game Medal of Honor – Frontline. So, this is an FPS game that gives you the sensation of World War II. How you will sneak and knock out all your enemies in order to complete the mission becomes a very exciting challenge.

Stay focused and use the bullets you have effectively. Complete all the missions given to you so you can finish this awesome game. Download Medal of Honor – Frontline PS2 ISO via the link below: